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How to Use SureTrader Coupons:

suretrader promo code

Redeeming a coupon code with SureTrader works a little differently than it does with other online stores, and it happens much earlier in the process as well.

When you first visit SureTrader’s website, click on ‘open an account’ in the top right hand side of the website.

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The next screen says: “Register Now”. This is where you’ll set up your account on SureTrader’s website. Enter your information in the empty entry fields.

The blank entry field on the right-hand side of the screen is where you’ll enter your promo code. Paste it into the box and then click on “Register Now”.

how to use coupon codes

Usually with these accounts, you’re going to need to fill out application forms that you need to either physically mail or email to the brokerage. Once this process is complete and your account is setup, you should see an account credit in your new account. It’s very important to enter the promo code before you register your account, otherwise you won’t get the account credit.

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