The Entrepreneur Diet

entrepreneur diet

The old cliche about entrepreneurs surviving on Mac and Cheese or Ramen Noodles is a load of garbage. There, I said it. As we learn more about how nutrition works, we are discovering just how much a healthy diet contributes to your ability to think and concentrate. And if you take some of your organizing principles (the ones you are sharpening each day as you work on your business, you can create an ‘entrepreneur diet’ for yourself.

Why Do I Need This?

Every half-decent entrepreneur needs to ask this question. And the answer? You need this because it will help you concentrate for longer periods of time, and help you to avoid energy crashes that can plague your productivity.

I think that the most important reason ‘why’ is this: your diet will become an advantage against your competition. You know why ‘Ramen Noodle diet’ is such a cliche? It’s because a vast majority of entrepreneurs try it, and a vast majority of entrepreneurs fail in their first year. This is about feeding and investing in your biggest resource: you. If you feed and take care of your mind and body, then who knows how far you can take yourself?

What is it?

The Entrepreneur Diet is designed around turning your food into a time investment that pays dividends all week long. You invest a couple of hours planning the week ahead (preferably on a Sunday, but the day doesn’t matter). Plan out your breakfast, lunch and dinners around nutritious meals, and then mass cook them.

For example, for breakfast I eat steel-cut oats (quick oats aren’t as good and will give you insulin spikes). Make a whole batch (it takes about twenty minutes), and then freeze all of it in tupperware containers. That means in twenty minutes time you have created five breakfast meals that you can pop in the microwave and eat right away all week.
How much time does that save you from: a) deciding on what breakfast you want b) preparing it, or c) going out and buying it at a restaurant?

That’s what I mean by investing in yourself. It’s a healthy, nutritious meal that will give you sustained energy all morning.

Lunch and Dinners usually revolve around what kind of meat you want, what kind of veggies and preparing them ‘en masse’ ahead of time. While you lose some of the variety involved in eating different meals every day, if you looked at your current meal plan you would find that you tend to eat the same 3-5 different things each meal anyway.

As entrepreneurs our food is our fuel. It’s important to make sure that we have the best fuel, prepared in the least amount of time. It will save you time, save you money, and when your business takes off, you can hand off meal planning to your personal chef, of course.