We are a small group of entrepreneurs out of Santa Monica, California that started out with nothing. The four of us started a ‘mastermind group‘ to support each other and share ideas on how to generate income for ourselves. The result? We are now collectively worth over $1 million dollars!

Our mission: Makes Wise Investments! We have stayed true to our Wise Investing initiative and achieved more than what we initially set out to do. So what happens after you achieve your dreams?

One of our core principles is paying it forward. It doesn’t do anyone any good to hoard their ideas. So we want to pass on our experiences and knowledge to other aspiring entrepreneurs out there (both in California and all over the world!).

Here we’ll share our tips and advice on what kind of challenges you’ll face as fellow ‘wise investors’. When you work for yourself, you are your greatest asset, and liability. What kind of health insurance do you have? Are you setting aside part of your income for tax and retirement? Here we’ll give you the sum of our knowledge on these experiences.

And now, for our introductions:


A former member of the Air Force, Kevin left after health issues kept him from serving his country. Unable to find a job that could accommodate his health, he wasn’t content to merely keep existing on welfare. Kevin decided to start up his own passive income source that would enable him to work when he could, and continue making money while he slept. He started up a neutraceutical company that has generated over $100,000 in sales this past year! The best part: Kevin doesn’t need to do anything to his business to keep it going. Kevin’s work ethic and never say die attitude has inspired us all to keep reaching for the stars.


Brad and his wife Sarah have a successful career as dog breeders. They own a wonderful farm outside of Malibu, California. Brad wanted to diversify his income streams, and decided to create these income streams by blogging about his passion: Nature Photography.
His DSLR camera reviews, and photography e-books bring in a strong second income that rivals Brad and Sarah’s main job! The peace of mind of turning his hobby into a passive income stream has turned the surly Brad into a more easy going guy.


Chad was the local IT guy working for the Hostess company when he had an idea for an app. It sure beat his day job of rescuing crashed Exchange servers (if you don’t know what that is, you don’t want to know!). He took a leave from his job to work on his app, and by using the marketing expertise of his fellow Masterminders, turned his little app into an income stream strong enough for Chad to quit his job. He now spends most of his time planning new apps and giving advice to other app developers.


A devout Star Trek fan, Simon started a small forum where he could connect with other Trekkies. From there, he learned the value in having a website with a large and passionate fan community. You’ll find him at many fan conventions in the Southwest.

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