Coupon Websites for Entrepreneurs

Coupon Resources with Entrepreneurs in Mind

You are likely an entrepreneur because you like money. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The only problem? When you’re first starting out, you are likely scraping pennies together to keep your business going.

But there are ways to help you cut costs when you are first starting out. If you have a website, for example, you can save 80-90% off your domain name (your website’s address), website hosting and e-commerce software if you use the always excellent E-festival.

Coupons For Your Startup’s Website:

Domain Registrars:

For Domain Registrars, there are thousands of options: GoDaddy,, Namecheap, and almost every major web host (i.e. Dreamhost, Hostgator). Which one should you choose? Well…it really doesn’t matter. You can register your domain with one company, and then host your website somewhere else. All these domain registrars do is register your domain with iCANN. You can’t do it yourself, since only licensed domain registrars can do it.

The one domain registrar we tend to go with is GoDaddy. Here’s why: while you can get coupon codes from any domain registrar for the first year, GoDaddy is the only one we know of that will offer renewal promo … Read the rest

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Jackson Hewitt Promo Code Discount Codes Updated For :

About Jackson Hewitt

Founded in 1982, Jackson Hewitt occupies a second place as the largest assisted tax-preparation service in the United States. Jackson Hewitt prepares as many as around 2 million local, state, and federal income tax returns every year. Operating in 6,000 locations across the U.S, the company enables taxpayers to be able to file their tax return in-store thanks to the assistance they get from its tax professionals.

Since the introduction of filling options online, the number of individuals using their service has kept on growing. Based in Jersey City, New Jersey, Jackson Hewitt has a mission to assist you with your income-tax returns filing service each year. This guarantees highly satisfactory refunds with 100% accuracy, trustworthiness, and full confidence, which come with different filing options as per customer status.

There are three online filing options Jackson Hewitt offers, and they are The option that offers you free federal filing together with 2 paid options that costs you $29.99 and $49.99, based on the option you decide to choose, including $36.95 for filing a state return. The type of plan you select will be based on the situation of your tax since … Read the rest

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Efile Promo Code Discount Codes Updated For :

  1. Save $6 Off State Filings. Code: 6******

2. Save 30% Off Federal Tax Returns. Code: S*****

3. 30% Off Deluxe Plus Returns. Code: *A*****

4. Thirty Percent Off Premium Plus Returns. Code: **V****

5. Save $7 Off Tax Filings. Code: ***E**

6. 20% Off Tax Returns. Code: 1******

Who is E-File?

efile promo code for tax returns

E-File is a Florida-based website founded in 2013. That’s as far as the information goes on the website. While there is an “About Us” section, all it talks about is what the website can provide which we will cover in a moment. Not helping matters on finding any information about E-File is there is another website called which is also based out of Florida. Information on the two websites is therefore scattered and inter-mixed. They could easily be the same company, or it could be a coincidence that they just so happened to have similar names; after all, even the IRS homepage has a section on e-files.

Confusion about who they are aside, E-File is a tax filing website. Like all similar websites, it needs approval from the IRS to operate which E-File does have. This means that, despite the very limited … Read the rest

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